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Our customer infomation

Complete loft conversions carrying out loft conversions in Ipswich Suffolk and surrounding areas, many of our customers found our blog post useful on what is required by us to make your project run as smoothly as possible so we have build this new page on our website to highlight what you may need to know before approaching us to provide a quote for you.

So you understand the process

Complete loft conversions have carried out many loft conversions in and around Suffolk and are please to offer a no obligation site visit to anyone thinking about extending into their loft or to the side of their property we offer a full and compressive service from initial visit to completing your loft conversion.

What you need for planning

We keep getting asked about permitted development and planning on loft conversions so I thought I would write a small blog about the stages of your loft conversion and the procedures needed to be sure that all the relevant authorities are consulted and informed before work begins.

Here is a step by step guide to your conversion and the time scales it may take form conception to completion

1. Site visit

Our initial site visit where you can meet me Gregory Nelson to discuss the options of what you could do within your loft and how to build within your loft (I joist, steels, attic trusses, telebeam extending steel members and stairs).

2. Estimate

I then give you a estimate assuming you have no plans in place to give you an idea of the cost of the build and the professional fees in writing so you understand the cost involved before making a financial commitment to your build.

3. Architect

If you decide to use complete loft conversions for your project I will then instruct my architect as your agent to commission drawings to be submitted to your local planning office for approval (note fees are paid wether approval is granted or not).

4. Building notice

You may not need planning if you are not altering the pitch of the roof and just installing Velux windows and may only need to submit a building notice to read more about building notice, but you will still need building control to make sure that the building work, insulation and electrics are carried out in the correct manner.

4. Party wall

Once your local planning office have agreed that you are permitted to carry out the work allowing for party wall agreements and any other possible legal aspects, a project plan can be drawn up and work can commence.

5. Project plan

Usually we will have an allocated time frame for your build and will provide a full schedule of works before work commences once this has been agreed your project can get underway.

6. Scaffold up

We then proceed to order the scaffold for your build to commence and start altering the structure of your roof to accept the new roof members or steels.

7. Payments

Usually we need payments in this order. Architects fee, and building control then four payments at different stages of the build the first being when the roof members are in place and the floor is down the second when the stairs are in the third when the velux and dormers are build and weather tight and the last payment when the build is complete less %5 for retention.

8. It can take time

I hope this guide on how we usually operate when carrying out loft conversions helps some our new customers what is expected when they consider building a loft conversion. We also hope that prospective customers understand that the planning process is sometimes slow but if you are just using a building notice this can significantly speed up the process but each build is individual and is dealt with on a case by case basis.

Our insurance policy

We are fully insured to cover us and you incase of any accident or incident is here for you to download or view the schedule of the insurance click here or to view the full policy please click here.